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After being canceled by PCT management 28 months earlier, Soundwaves was given a chance to return. But much had changed. The studio was now located at the site of the old San Andreas Elementary School building in Pacifica, CA. General Manager Richard Hankins had been terminated, and interin manager Sandra Stein okayed the show's return.

MTV had finally come to Pacifica and was thriving, so the days in which an afterschool request program could grasp an audience had passed. Personally, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk had seen better days, and hadn't been on speaking terms for months.

Still, Willis set a premiere date and accepted the challenge.

The Return of Soundwaves[]

After 152 episodes, the idea of a 153rd show was a long time coming. But now that it was here, it was obvious that the magic was gone. Willis hosted solo on a big set cluttered with movie standees. The shortened 30-minute format eschewed straight music for a broader entertainment style. Movie trailers lived alongside the occasional music video, song reviews and loads of filler.

Willis explained, "It certainly wasn't the most fallow period in our history. We had a hearty crew, people who were excited to work on the show. But everyone had moved on. And worse, we had nothing to say."

This new Soundwaves was pre-taped, which allowed for multiple air dates, and multiple episodes were taped at one time.

The Return of Steven Kirk[]

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1988 Episodes[]

Soundwaves returned October 12, 1988 with little fanfare and produced seven episodes before the end of the year. The return of Steven Kirk inspired a return to "out of the box" concepts such as the show's first (and only) live New Year's Eve broadcast.

153 10/12/88 "Heard Ya Missed Us, We're Back"
154 10/28/88 "Halloween Edition"
155 11/09/88 "The Tankman Cometh"
156 11/23/88 "Steve's Return"
157 11/30/88 "Ask Debbie"
158 12/07/88 "The Letterbox Show"
159 12/14/88 "That's Life"
160 12/21/88 "Christmas Show"
12/31/88 Way Cool New Year's Eve Party