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Soundwaves was in a serious transitional period. Despite continuing to air on several Bay Area stations (as well as CWC in Wyoming), the joy had gone out of the experience for all involved.

Producer Dennis Willis was planning to ramp up another season following a successful Christmas show and repeated requests for new shows from the stations who were running repeats.

In March, 2007, Willis recieved a letter from the Universal Music Group (Interscope Records, Geffen Records, A&M Records, DGC Records, Island Records, Def Jam Recordings, Motown Records, Republic Records, Capitol Records, Virgin Records, and Blue Note Records), which was the show's largest provider of music video content. The corporation announced it's intention to charge productions for the right to show their music videos.

"I couldn't believe it," Willis explains. "Music videos are, in essence, commercials for their music. They wanted to charge us $1500 a year for the right to show their commercials!"

Willis revamped the plan, throwing out 90% of new music, and leaning solely on Soundwaves' vast archives, creating themed shows based on videos they already had. Also, tellingly, they were the first batch of episodes in the show's 24-year history to not feature any hosts until the Christmas shows.

2007 Episodes

Soundwaves aired 18 episodes in 2007.

472 5/02/07 "Test Run"
473 5/16/07 "13 Minutes to Mars"
474 5/30/07 "The Greatest Hits of U2"
475 6/06/07 "Bootleg Pop"
476 6/20/07 "Damaged Goods"
477 7/04/07 "Girls Behaving Badly"
478 7/11/07 "Live 8 Redux, Part 1"
479 7/18/07 "Live 8 Redux, Part 2"
480 9/12/07 "Invasion of the Music Snatchers" (British Invasion of 2007)
481 9/19/07 "The Greatest Hits of Queen"
482 9/26/07 "Random Promises"
483 10/03/07 "The Greatest Hits of the Police"
484 10/17/07 "iTuned Out"
485 10/24/07 "Threepeats"
486 11/07/07 "Damn, It's Cold"
487 11/21/07 "Countdown to Christmas '07"
488 12/08/07 "Pre-Game Show 2007"
489 12/08/07 "18th annual Soundwaves Christmas"
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