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1981-83 - D&D Rock Show[]

The D&D Rock Show was a live, weekly cable request music program, broadcast on Pacifica Community Television, and hosted by Dennis Willis and Deane Walker. Although named after the teenaged hosts, Deane eventually left the show. 

D&D was the precurser to Soundwaves in many ways, and allowed viewers to request popular music as the local cable company did not provide MTV yet. 

The show ran for 65 episodes, all of which are believed to be lost, from December 20, 1981 to March 23, 1983. 

Deane Walker, Dennis Willis, Lynne Nott and Shane Convery following Soundwaves #1.

1983 - Soundwaves Premieres[]


1985 - 100th Episode, Who Shot Gerold?[]

1986 - Soundwaves Canceled[]


No episodes were produced in 1987.

1988 - Soundwaves Returns []

1989 - Censorship Controversy, 30-Hour Marathon[]

1990 - Back to the Future Part III set visit[]

Among the highlights was Soundwaves No.197 - Back to the Summer, Part 1, which aired June, 1990. The 1-hour episode featured a preview of the major summer movies, and was shot on the "Hill Valley 1885" set from Back to the Future Part III, in Jamestown, CA.


1991 - Forever Young[]

1992 - Soundwaves 6-week Summer run[]

1993 - Soundwaves Goes Hollywood[]

1994 - Relaunch with Format change, Host ensemble[]



1997 - Lost 2pac Footage[]


1999 - 10th annual Soundwaves Christmas[]


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2001 - Universal Studios Hollywood, 9/11[]


2003 - Soundwaves/20, Added stations[]


2005 - Jon Anderson[]

2006 - WonderCon[]

2007 - Problems with Music Labels[]


2008 - 25th and Final Season, 500th Episode[]

Soundwaves returns on July 9, 2008 after teasing a major announcement. On that show, #490 ("The Big Announcement"), Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk announce in Los Angeles that because of mounting problems dealing with music labels and an overall sense of accomplishment, that this 11-episode run will be Soundwaves' last, culminating with their 500th show. Joe McCaffrey and Moira Szasz return for the Pacifica portion of the show and react to the news, offering that the next ten weeks will offer a long look back, complete with reunions and surprises. 

The Los Angeles segments were directed by award-winning filmmaker James Kerwin (Yesterday Was a Lie), while the Pacifica segments were helmed by Wayne Hess, who would oversee the bulk of the coming shows. 


2009 - WAVE Awards, 20th Soundwaves Christmas[]


Soundwaves' final season wins two Western Access Visual Excellence awards: #499 - The Interview Show (Talk Show/Pro), and #500 - Wrap Party (Entertainment/Variety Programming/Pro)


The 20th edition of Soundwaves Christmas airs live throughout the Bay Area. The show features an anniversary retrospective and a tribute to longtime set designer Alan Coppola , who passed away February 9, 2009 from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 




The 2011 edition of Soundwaves Christmas wins the 2012 WAVE Award for Community Event.  


Soundwaves' official Facebook page teases a year-long 30th anniversary celebration. 

The 2012 edition of Soundwaves Christmas wins four WAVE Awards on October 26, 2013 in the categories of Entertainment, Music Programming, Station/Program Promo and Community Programming.

The 2013 edition of Soundwaves Christmas airs in 1.5 million homes throughout the Bay Area, as well as Sacramento and Redding.


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