During the 2011 edition Soundwaves Christmas, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Joe McCaffrey ran a promo for a forthcoming show called Soundwaves TV that was to run retro music videos. However, despite announcing the show would premiere in 2012, it never did, and it was not mentioned again.



Development[edit | edit source]

Willis has gone on record as saying that the show never happened because they could never "break the format," despite a desire to collaborate on a series once again. "Soundwaves was a product of it's time, actually of many times, and if we were to do something new, not only would it have to work as a show in 2012, but it would have to be a good enough idea to get the gang back together for another regular gig. But there's no question, we'd love to work together again."

Production[edit | edit source]

The crew assembled on March 30, 2013, Soundwaves' 30th anniversary to shoot some interviews. It was widely assumed that the footage was to be used for an anniversary special, but rumors are floating around that it might be for a new, still-untitled program. On April 20, 2013, several episodes of Soundwaves TV were shot, but scrapped. Willis, Kirk and McCaffrey were happy with the format, but the shoot was problematic.

Plans for Soundwaves TV have not been canceled, and the crew plans to go into production sometime in 2015, with distribution plans to be announced.

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